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I had a need for file dropping functionality into a GameMaker program window today. If anyone needs something similar, here you go.

If you use this, you should probably disable the file system sandbox in Game Options > Windows, otherwise you won't be able to actually read from or write to the dropped files.

See the demo project for ideas of how to use it.

The documentation can be found here.


As usual, the asset is free as-is. I'll fix simple or game-breaking bugs but more involved support requires payment via either Itch or Patreon.  I get the final say in what constitutes "game-breaking," although it's less than 200 lines of code so I doubt there's going to be anything interesting.

(That's the standard disclaimer I add to every project. I seriously doubt there are any bugs in this as long as you don't do anything extraordinarily stupid with it.)


  • Windows only; I may make a Linux version if the need arises; I have zero interest in working with Apple computers
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Hey can it possibly be updated to threat special characters? It makes gamemaker go boom and unable to filter the replacements.
Literally, for "água" file being loaded in, string_char_at(2) is the second "a", instead of "g", and I just can't even ignore the special one and get "gua", because "gu" are ghosts.


can u make gms1 version pls

I second that