Decided to update this.

I’ve been thinking about updating this to Game Maker Studio 2 for a while now, and finally sat down and did it. For the most part this means no major changes to the way it works, but I did take the opportunity to do a few things.

Important changes that you might actually care about:

  • You can now move faster by holding the Shift key, and slower by holding the Control key. You can toggle the simulation speed between 100% and 1% by hitting the Tab key. I guess it’s good if you want a screenshot or something.
  • Better controls. I did controls in a kinda weird way to make it interface seamlessly with a gamepad, and as a result that made keyboard and mouse controls a bit weird. That all got smoothed out.

Most people probably don’t care about these:

  • Runs at 60 fps. I don’t think I need to explain this.
  • Got rid of all of the old d3d stuff. For the non-Game Maker users among you, that means it’s not running on a DirectX from from about 2002 anymore.
  • Binary planet models. This should make the program load slightly faster.
  • Stars are an infinite distance away, instead of “very far but you can reach them if you travel for long enough.”
  • The sun now has a texture. It’s very faint but it’s slightly more visually interesting now.
  • The code is now on Github rather than in the download section.

Let me know if there are any issues, or anything else you want me to do. I swear I’ll do moons someday.

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Apr 11, 2020

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