Will be remaking this (again)

A few months ago I posted a thing talking about how I might remake this tool for a second time because it's kinda not good, and then . . . forgot about it. And then someone brought it up earlier today and I remembered, and then I looked through the code and noticed that literally everything has a better way that it can be done, so it's going to happen.

Stuff I want to do:

  • It's going to be built on this, meaning the UI is also going to look like an actual UI and not like I just threw a bunch of things on the screen and didn't pay attention to where they landed
  • It turns out the old Game Maker D3D is really not very good, and using assorted types of buffers should make most things it does way faster
  • Someone was talking with me about some other stuff it would be useful to be able to do (like not export exclusively d3d files, perhaps?) so there are a few new things I want to implement, also

Hopefully it won't take too long, since I already know what I want it to do this time around and have done a good deal of similar things by this point. I'll post again when it's done, so if I don't do that by next weekend someone scream at me or something

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Heck yeah!!