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This only works for Game Maker Studio 1 projects. If there's enough demand and/or I get bored I'll make an updated version that works for Game Maker Studio 2.

Searches a Game Maker Studio 1 project for unused ("orphaned") assets . . . mostly.


  • There may be more orphaned assets that we haven't been able to find: if scr_foo calls scr_bar and scr_bar calls scr_foo, and neither of them are called from anywhere else, we're not smart enough to detect that the script is never actually used.
  • Additionally, assets that are referenced by name in comments or strings will still be marked as "in use," even though they're actually not.
  • There may also be some assets that do get used, but not detected: for example, if you refer to a sprite by its index instead of its asset name (which is a bad idea), or if you were to retrieve the asset through asset_get_name with a compound string (which is also a bad idea), we won't be able to tell.

The code and stuff can be found here.

If people manage to punch many large holes in it I'll probably patch them out, but other than that, I'll think about doing a GMS2 version and call it a day.


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