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I got bored a few days ago and decided to write a bit of GML to graph equations. Supports cartesian, parametric, and polar coordinates!


  • Graph equations for cartesian, parametric, and polar coordinate systems
  • Customize the visual style of the graphs: line color, thickness, etc
  • Can be used with parsers such as TXR to graph player-specified functions (not included in the demo)


Most of the time you'll probably be using this to draw a graph once, and save the surface for later, so this is mostly a non-issue.

If you want a graph to continually update like the live examples in the demo, it'll have to be redrawn every frame. How expensive this is obviously depends a lot on how big the graph is and how many points are sampled.


The code is pretty robust but has some trouble with infinities and other discontinuities. At reasonable scales it can handle them fairly well, but the discrete nature of the samples means that if you zoom out they can get a little weird. See what happens when you zoom out on the tangent function for an example.

It may or may not be worth it to patch this up some time, I have no idea what people are going to end up using this for.


can be found here.


As usual, the asset is free as-is. I'll fix simple or game-breaking bugs but more involved support requires payment via either Itch or Patreon.  I get the final say in what constitutes "game-breaking."



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This looks great, nice work!

I was so confused about the way the text looks until I saw that this uses Scribble, lol. 😆


yeah i use that for pretty much everything lol