Fixed some bugs and made the code nicer

Some minor changes, but you might want them.


  • Some elements might try to access and destroy a list in a random order, sometimes causing a crash
  • Text input not responding to input correctly


  • Got rid of the heinous underscores in front of constructor parameter names, because the GameMaker bug which that worked around is long gone
  • “Private” variables are now prefixed with an underscore, and also defined below the “public” variables in constructors, to make it more clear which ones shouldn’t be messed with
  • Starting to move away from ds_maps and ds_lists, since structs and arrays are properly garbage collected


  • EmuTextbox_H because it wasn’t working properly and I don’t like having that much duplicated code (I’ll add something similar to regular EmuInput later if that was a thing people want)


emu.yymps 1 MB
Oct 16, 2020 2 MB
Oct 16, 2020

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