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I’m getting together a major update featuring some fun things like new UI element types and features that make the system easier to use, but since I don’t know when I’m going to have that finished by, here’s a v1.1 with some quality-of-life additions.

I’ve added a proper changelog file to the extension that I’ll hopefully be keeping up-to-date, but the current ones include:

Version 1.1.0 - Changes since 1.0.16

  • General: removed array accessors and the need for copy-on-write


  • Bitfields: renamed auto functions to make them a tiny bit more orderly

  • Bitfields: added emu_bitfield_option_callback_toggle and emu_bitfield_option_eval_includes bitfield auto functions

  • Display: UI element sprites are now macros (as colors were made to be in 1.0.17)

  • General: the system is now entirely garbage collected, and ::Destroy() methods have been removed

  • General: EMU_INLINE and EMU_BASE alignment options

  • Dialogs: added ::AddDefaultCloseButton and ::AddDefaultConfirmCancelButtons to save you from having to add such things yourself every single time

  • Display: color values are now macros - you can reskin the UI by having the macros point to global variables instead of color literals

  • Element IDs: added EmuCore::SetID, EmuCore::GetSibling, EmuCore::GetChild, EmuCore::SearchID

    • You can assign element IDs to elements and use them to reference each other without the need to save each element as a variable elsewhere
    • Advancement (via the Tab and Shift+Tab keys) can now be set using element IDs
  • EmuInput: better text entry

  • Refresh functions: added EmuCore::SetRefresh and EmuCore::SetRefresh

    • This lets you call .Refresh() on any element (or container element) to update the text or values of an element at any time
  • Scribble: is now Version 8

Some of these changes will be breaking; make a backup before updating. The old version (1.0.16) is still going to be available for the time being, just in case. GMS2 version 2022.2 or later will be needed for 1.1.0.

I haven’t updated the documentation yet, but I’m going to need to do that… soon-ish.


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Apr 04, 2022

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