Starting work on a major update

I’ve been putting this off for longer than I probably should, but there are a few things that I’ve wanted to add to Emu for a while, a few requests from other people, and generally some stuff that could be done better. I’m calling it “Emu 2,” although that might be making it sound scarier than it really is.

You can see my current task list for the update here. Most of these things are about making it easier to use.

It’s pretty safe to say that a number of these changes are going to break old code, meaning that updating something that already uses Emu will likely go rather poorly. I’ll try to minimize that just in case (or at least, write a post on what’s most likely to break and how to deal with it), but compatibility won’t be a main focus. For the handful of people who’ve requested some of the UI element types in the original version, once I get them working in here I’ll look at porting them backwards so that you can use them there too.

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