Code cleanup, some convenience functions, and misc tasks that I've been procrastinating

Among other things, I have no idea what I was doing with the version numbering, so I just threw my hands in the air and called this one 1.3 because it’s a bigger version than any of the previous version numbers that I could find a record of using. I’m so good at this job.

The most interesting change is probably color pickers getting additional HSV axis choices. (Photoshop puts Hue on the axis slider by default, which many of you are probably familiar with.)

Changes in 1.3

Requires GameMaker 2022.11 or later.

  • EmuList::GetSelectedIndices sorts the list of indices in ascending order

  • EmuRadioArray::SetColumns doesn’t break everything if called before ::AddOptions

  • The default font is now Open Sans

  • Decided to take my own advice and disable surface depth on UI elements that don’t use 3D (which is most of them except for EmuRenderSurfaces)

  • EmuColorPicker can now accept text formatted as a color code pasted into it

  • EmuColorPicker can now put hue, saturation, and value on its axis

  • EmuProrgressBar outlines are better-defined on dark color themes

  • EmuRenderSurface is “activated” by left clicking, right clicking, or middle clicking on the render surface

  • Element spacing is taken into account when adding content with one of the spacing indicators

  • Replaced emu_array_search with the native array_get_index function (this is a 2022.11 runtime addition, for those of you who are still on LTS or, for some reason, older versions of GameMaker than that)

  • The cursor flashes a little faster, I found it got lost sometimes at a period of two seconds


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May 23, 2023

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