Fixed a(nother) vertex buffer bug

The last vertex buffer bug wasn’t the only one lurking around, as it turns out. To make a long story short, exporting a vertex buffer will now save all vertices in all cases. I don’t know if that’s a utility that people besides me use often, but if you’ve run into any issues where sections of exported meshes were missing, this should take care of it.

Also we’re now on GameMaker Studio 2.3. I’ll slowly be updating the other tools to 2.3 as the need arises, but since it doesn’t really change the functionality it won’t be a priority. YYC’s not working super well on 2.3 at the current moment though, so until that’s fixed I’m just going to be updating the regular Virtual Machine version.

Files 8 MB
Sep 10, 2020
DDDEditor2-Mesh-Source.yyz 10 MB
Sep 10, 2020

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