Fixed a really annoying bug, and some extra features

The new version is currently If nothing catastrophic pops up I’ll promote it to the “official” version in a few weeks.

So have you encountered the really annoying bug where transforming a mesh in particular ways causes the normals to give up and break completely? Yeah, me too. Anyway, that bug has finally been squashed.

I’ve also added in some other changes.

Project save/load

You can now save/load projects. Useful if you want to use this to organize your 3D objects for a game, instead of just doing batch operations on them. When you have a saved project, opening the program will bring up a little window that you can use to launch an existing project.

The exported vertex format is saved with each project, and you should be able to have different projects that use different exported vertex format settings.

Snap to Floor

Move the mesh so that the bottom-most vertex lies on the z = 0 plane. Can be found in the “More…” menu.

Penguin import scripts

This is probably the biggest meaningful change, though I’m not sure how many people will actually need it.

When you export a mesh(es), you now have the option to save them all to a single file. This will package all of the vertex buffers (respecting the vertex format), all submeshes, and their material settings.

Meshes can be loaded into a game with the penguin_load function that comes with the new Penguin import scripts. penguin_load will return a struct where the keys are the names of the meshes that were loaded, and the values are instances of a Penguin object.

Penguin objects can be drawn with their Render method. If a sprite with the same name as the texture in the editor exists in your GameMaker project, it will be used.

This is fairly new and I’ll document it properly when I iron out how it should work. There are a few features that I want to add later, and a few more that are half-implemented and have yet to be enabled in this release. For now you can look through the code to see how it works and what you can do with it if you want to know more.

Yes the file extension for these is .derg. I’m running out of names for file types and I don’t know how to spell onomatopoeia for the noises that penguins make.

Changes in 2022.0.5

  • Projects can be saved and loaded

  • Added a “snap to floor” mesh operation

  • Added an export option to save all (selected) meshes to a single file, for fast(er) loading

    • Meshes are exported as vertex buffers
    • Attributes such as material settings and submesh hierarchy are preserved
    • Can be loaded quickly with the provided Penguin scripts
  • Fixed the stupid issue where transforming a mesh in particular ways screws with the normals

  • Fixed the number bounds on the mesh transform UI (not allowing negative rotations, etc)

I’ve written the word “penguin” so much that it no longer sounds like a word.

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Sep 21, 2022
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Sep 21, 2022

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