Support for importing and exporting FBX, Collada (dae), GLTF, and others

I’ve been playing with Assimp lately, which is a wonderful little utility for saving and loading a bunch of different 3D file formats. With this power in hand, Penguin is now somewhat happy to import and export the following:

  • FBX
  • GLTF and the binary equivalent (GLB), which is probably going to be a pretty common file format for the foreseeable future
  • Collada (dae)
  • 3DS Max
  • PLY, and the binary equivalent (PLYB)
  • STL, which is more of a 3D printing file format but who knows

This is, of course, in addition to obj, d3d, and raw GameMaker vertex buffers. You can also export to these formats in addition to importing them.

For the time being, only basic static meshes will be imported. Any animations or other advanced features will be ignored. Materials may work, but you may need to load the texture files yourself.

Over time I’ll probably be adding support for more of the fancy features included in some of these file formats (mainly animation), as well as generally improving the performance of the import and conversion process.

I’ve tested this with a handful of 3D models and nothing bad has happened, but I’m sure that there are ways to make the import/conversion do unexpected things. Let me know if you find a way to crash it or otherwise break it in a weird way.

Lastly, some other minor changes:

  • Updated Scribble to 8.7
  • The text cursor flashes a little faster, I found it got lost sometimes at a period of two seconds

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Jul 10, 2023

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