2019.4.4.24 - seems like it's stable now

So now the terrain editor is pretty much done. I still want to add layered / blended textures and expose a bit more control over how the texture coordinates are painted (James I haven't forgotten, really) but I also need to focus on the rest of the stuff I'm making so that's going to wait. As always, feel free to pay the repository a visit!

  • I found and squashed some bugs that could crop up when saving and loading ddd* files. Most of them had to do with specific uses of the other parts of the editor and *probably* wouldn't have caused any issues if you were just using the terrain, but just in case I hope that's all taken care of.
  • Error messages are slightly more graceful and won't coerce you into force-quitting the program if they don't have to.
  • Objects are now saved using per-vertex color instead of per-face color. This makes the MTL files quite a lot cleaner and makes the colors in the output file more accurate to the way they look in the editor, but certain 3D model tools will ignore the color information altogether. And by that I mean Blender and possibly others, since Blender is the only one I have on hand. If you're not sure, you might want to check that your 3D model tool(s) can make use of vertex colors in OBJ, and if you're writing your own parser this is the trick I used. Alpha / transparency values are still store per-face.
  • Cleared up some annoyances in the rest of the game editor, plus added some new stuff.

As you can probably assume, I changed the data file format quite a bit this time around. This version should be backwards compatible but if you weren't having any problems before and updating causes any issues there's nothing wrong with keeping with the old(er) versions.

The next releases for this thing are going to be much more focused on the rest of the game editor. I might make a different page for that since it serves a different purpose, we'll see.

Question for people: I see Itch seems to be encouraging me to make specific kinds of devlogs like "postmortem" and "tech discussion," is there any interest in me doing that?


DDDEditor2-Terrain-Default.zip 5 MB
Dec 02, 2019
DDDEditor2-Terrain-YYC.zip 6 MB
Dec 02, 2019
DDDEditor2-Terrain-Source.yyz 6 MB
Dec 02, 2019

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Hey man! This Editor is great! Although I've been noticing when I start up the program, the mouse is desync'd from the position on the screen. I can't select any of the Deformation options, Save, New, etc. Anything on the left side of the side menu cannot be selected. I have huge plans now that you've made something as great as this for a program that isn't even native 3D!!!! You rock man!

For the benefit of anyone reading this in the future, just so nobody thinks I’m ignoring this: Akitaris also reported this issue on Github, and I’m going to try to deal with it in a timely manner - but I may not get to it for a few days, depending on how deep-rooted the problem is and some other things I’m doing.