Major Update, New Features, Improvements, and Other Such Things

This took a little longer for me to finish up, but here we are. Major changes:

  • Dark mode
  • Support for much larger terrain (up to 5400x5400, this may be increased further in the future)
  • UI/UX improvements and loads of new render settings
  • New deformation tools including more brushes and tools for generating noise on the terrain
  • New texturing tools
  • Many, many new export options
  • Improved editor performance (by a lot)

See the screenshots for demonstration.

Proper documentation can be found here. In the coming weeks I’m probably going to make a few videos about it, since that’s what I do.

The repository for the main project can be found here, and the C++ extension code can be found here.

Let me know if you decide to use this for anything, especially if you use this for something other than GameMaker.

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Feb 26, 2022

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Super cool! Really hoping you add the option to load a heighmap image into the editor!

Nevermind, I see you already have this! Very nice!

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Excellent tool, I've been using the very first version since; will definitely be using this one now since saving and loading has been implemented.

Using it for a games compilation for a 3D game specifically inspired by Ratchet & Clank. Using GameMaker 1.4.9999. And I love that LOD system is very useful. Thanks again!

Edit: Lemme know if you need feedback on anything particular.

Should be interesting!