Some lighting things

Forgot that I removed lighting and didn’t remember to re-add it before the last update, so it’s fixed now. I’m good at making stuff, I swear.

Actually, most of this update is about lighting. You can now define a bunch of lights (as well as fog) which will hopefully make it easier to see what you’re editing. There are directional and point lights, as well as an option for spot lights but they don’t do anything yet since I haven’t gone and looked into the math behind how they work.

There’s also a red circle around the mouse cursor in the editor view, so you can see what you’re doing.

Probably next I’m going to start screwing with the vertex buffer to try to pass as many of the calculations off to the GPU as possible, which will hopefully speed it up considerably. There’s also the matter of (finally) doing layered and fading textures, plus the stuff that James requested 7 months ago and I’ve been putting off.

I also might jam in the gizmos on and around the lights so you can drag them around with the mouse instead of having to set their values through the UI, but honestly that’s going to be annoying so I’ll probably only do it if people ask.


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May 17, 2020

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