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Game Maker - DDD - Terrain Editor

The (hopefully final) iteration on my old terrain editor · By Dragonite


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Some lighting things
Forgot that I removed lighting and didn’t remember to re-add it before the last update, so it’s fixed now. I’m good at making stuff, I swear. Actually, mo...
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UI scaling
A good amount of stuff’s changed outside of the terrain editor, but the only relevant thing here is the UI scaling. The program still looks better / is most r...
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2019.4.4.24 - seems like it's stable now
So now the terrain editor is pretty much done. I still want to add layered / blended textures and expose a bit more control over how the texture coordinates are...
3 files
2019.4.3.22 - cleaning up the fallout from refactoring
In hindsight, I probably should have done last week's refactoring *before* I started work on the terrain editor, but here we are. Fixed bugs upon bugs upon bugs...
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2019.4.1.21 - some QoL stuff, plus fixes
Added some stuff: Fixed heightmaps (the images should work with other programs now) Refactored lots of editor modes - no features should have been changed but h...
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