3D collision detection in native GML
Run in browser
I made a graphing calculator for GameMaker and I have no idea why
Spoiler: GameMaker can render a lot of triangles.
Run in browser
People who like to micro-optimize their code, this one's for you.
Define networks of connected points, eg for a map in a game!
A casual game about growing houseplants.
A bullet hell game where you smash all of the gross bugs that cross your path!
Indexed color palette swapping in GameMaker!
Convert strings to and from Morse code!
Generate some nice Perlin noise in GameMaker!
A 3D tower defense game where you show all the bugs who's boss!
A collection of short game jam games that I've made!
A general pathfinding AI for GameMaker Studio 2!
Automatically place snow on the up-facing surfaces of rocks, trees, etc
Over 300 named color codes that you can add to GameMaker!
Fast(ish) sorting in GameMaker
Combine sprites into single atlases!
Try out different image blending modes quickly and easily!
A lightweight, generic inventory system for GameMaker Studio.
3D Cel Shaders for GameMaker Studio 2
Garbage-collected ds_lists in GameMaker
3D Lighting Shaders for GameMaker Studio 2
Convert between different 3D model formats for GameMaker (or anything else)!
I wanted to try my hand at an even worse sorting algorithm but chickened out.
Ever wanted a visualization of how your game's performing?
A Windows Forms-like graphical user interface library for GameMaker Studio 2.3
In case you ever need to drag files into a GameMaker window.
Do you like particles? I like particles.
See how your Scribble formatting looks in real time!
A 3D terrain editor for GameMaker - and, hopefully, other purposes too!
Easing curve math for use in Game Maker
encouraging project maintenance
Some types of variables can be accessed faster than others. Here's a test.
The solar system, in 3D. Sans moons. May add those later.

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